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Teach like a Pirate

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This amazing book from David Burgess. “Teach like a Pirate” has helped me get the passion back in my teaching and now I have a burning desire to reach for greatness in my career. Not because I want to be a big shot, or that I want to be better than other people, but because the students deserve to have the best experience they can have in their education. And by doing so they will develop a love of learning. Instead of wishing that summer holidays come faster, they will be waiting in anticipation for the new school year to start!


David shares some fantastic hooks in which you can adapt your lesson to keep your students coming back for more! His idea are simple and I am sure you have done them at sometime in your lesson. But this book will help you to re-ignite that fire! One thing that David mentioned was to use your existing passion in your classroom regardless of the fact that you don’t enjoy the subject. For me this was my love of technology, earlier in the year I was told that I was focusing to much on the edtech hook, and hence I backed off, letting the fire die down. But after reading “Teach like a Pirate” it made me realise that we need to build on our strengths, especially in teaching, given the need to stay positive at all times.

So with just three weeks to go before a two day event at the end of the school year, I decided to inject some Pirate magic into these activities. Did it run perfectly? NO, did the students enjoy it? YES. I did made some mistakes but now I am excited for the next school year with a head full of new ideas.


David quotes  “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”  from Martin Luther King Jr. Vicky Davis in her podcast “The CoolCat Teacher” said Playing it safe is the biggest risk you will ever take! Thanks  . So now on to my next adventure with Keele University. Thank you David Burgess! I am on the way to teaching like a Pirate, err…


Author: teach2you

I love teaching and learning using technology! I am excited about the 21st Century classroom and looking forward to seeing the future unfold!

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