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“Kahoot” Game Based Learning

I was looking at the Teacher-pay-Teacher website and I came across a new game based learning site called “Kahoot” and I am hooked! I have made six quizzes for different lessons I teach and found some public versions I could use! I have tried them in two lessons so far and those students that used the site seemed to love it! Now that I have some experience I will be sure to try again. For the students it is a simple matter of them visiting kahoot.it and entering the game pin!

Once the students have entered the pin their username will be displayed on the Kahoot page.

I also found if you don’t have any devices in your classroom you can still use the preview mode! I just tested this option and it worked well, but it would be much more fun for the students to have devices! I also just created a Kahoot for my K2 class and will try it out on Monday! Try it now!

The quizzes are really easy to make and you can even add YouTube clips to make for some interesting questions!

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