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Amazing teachers conference in Hong Kong “21st Century Learning”

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Having being interested in educational technology (edtech) for some years I have attended many workshops and seminars on edtech. This year was the first time to attend 21CLHK and it was just fantastic. I want to thank Cecilia from Apple Hong Kong for providing me with the ticket as without that I am not sure I could of attended. But I must say it was well worth the $400 US and I can say it has changed my outlook on teaching and gave me a new passion for how I teach and what we can do to improve our teaching!

There where so many great workshops and keynotes, and they all where excellent! Dan Meyer spoke about bring perplexity into the lesson and gave some great examples of how to do this using multi-media like youtube. He did a Ted talk in 2010.

Another great keynote was that of Dr. Larry Rosen, he is a research psychologist with specialties in generational differences, parenting, child and adolescent development, business psychology and is an expert the “Psychology of Technology.” He spoke of how technology has changed the way we communicate and that this generation uses many different media to communicate and learn. He sees social media as playing a large role in reaching and teaching this generation.

And for practical teaching tools there was a workshop on Edmodo which was run by William Stewart and we saw how to integrate iBook Author with Comic Life and Keynote to make amazing multi-media Marval style comic books run by Patrick McMahon. Also he shared with us an interesting and useful app that mirrors any Apple device connected to the same wifi network called Reflector


Author: teach2you

I love teaching and learning using technology! I am excited about the 21st Century classroom and looking forward to seeing the future unfold!

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