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Edmodo and the carts are here!

Great news we have our carts and I have just discovered how useful Edmodo can be for ‘flipping the classroom’. I have set up our J4, J5 and J6 classes and have started to share content that will allow the students to revise what we are learning during the ICT lesson. Edmodo is also a great tool to give the students a voice during or after the lesson and it is also a great way for the teacher to give and receive feedback. You can embed teaching clips from youtube, assign homework, give badges and so much more. Its an amazing collaboration tool built for education!

The next great news is that our notebook carts have been set-up and we have started using them this week, it takes a little time to get the notebooks in the hands of the students but I am sure it will become quicker with practice!

[slideshow] Note Book Cart