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We are about to embark on a new adventure of learning using technology. Sixty five notebook computers are on the way and we will start teaching ICT in October! The school term is now in the third week and soon the ThinkPad notebooks will arrive. We all have been practicing with the students how to line up and bring the notebooks in and out of the classroom using normal books! Although this may seems silly I think it is a great idea coming from one of our wonderful teachers Raymond, as it gives the student an idea of what to do once the real notebooks arrive.

The next step is to show the students how to use the notebooks. Of course most of them can use a desktop windows XP machine and hence will not find it to difficult to use Windows 7. It would be nice to display the teachers and students screen on the SmartBoard so they can see some basics. I have been looking into devices that allow mirroring of mobile devices to the SmartBoard and will be shown something on the 10th of October.

As it stands most of the content for the ICT curriculum will come from the Dr. PC e-books, but I am now looking at other content and apps that work on the Windows 7 platform. It seems that Google provides various options for collaboration, like Google Docs, Google plus and Google drive as well as a range of education apps.

There are also many options out there that can enhance learning across different subject areas using such things as blogs, social media, YouTube, Wikis and numerous other online applications. So the journey begins to discover what works and what does not, but lucky for us the way has already been paved towards the 21st century classroom !



Author: teach2you

I love teaching and learning using technology! I am excited about the 21st Century classroom and looking forward to seeing the future unfold!

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